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Ever-changing technologies impose a mandatory requirement of recurrent data entry. This recorded data is further put to use for other significant business operations- this includes database updation and invoice preparation. A small mistake in this stage can cause problems in the future. To help you overcome this barrier, DataSlexIndia provides reliable Data Entry Services.

With our support and data entry services, you can make revolutionary progress in your digital data processing. Our all-inclusive services equip our clients with experienced, knowledgeable, and driven experts, who work hard to make your data storage and management easier. We have data entry operators, project managers, and programmers in our team; they make all your data-related dreams come true. With an impactful combination of our outsource data entry services and expertise, your data processing will become easier and smoother.

Our wide-ranging Data Entry Services

With extensive experience in this industry, we have become prominent providers of this service to all our clients. Our experts go through all your requirements and then design a customized data entry service plan for you. Know more about our services:-

  • Hand-written documents online data entry
  • Data Conversion Services
  • eCommerce Data Entry Services
  • Bulk Invoices Entry
  • Digitization Services
  • Data Verification Service
  • Data capturing from PDF or image to MS-Excel
  • Promotional Product Data Entry
  • Form Processing Services
  • Online Data Entry from hard or soft copies into any database format
  • Indexing of Vouchers and Documents
  • Online Subscriptions Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry for Product Catalogues
  • Mailing Lists and Labels online data entry
  • Online completion of surveys and forms
  • Shipping Documents online data entry
  • Manual Copy-Paste
  • Email Mining, and customized list making
  • PDF Document Indexing
  • Data entry from E-book & E-Magazine publication on the Internet

Why should you Outsource Data Entry Services from us?

  • DataSlexIndia is a renowned provider of top-quality data entry services in India. We have served clients and completed projects from all over the world.
  • We also render support for your comprehensive non-core business operations through our all-inclusive services. These will cover assistance for offline & online, web, invoice, and remote/ outsource data entry services
  • DataSlexIndia is an India-based data entry services provider that uses high-security encryptions & systems. This ensures that all your data is kept safe throughout the data entry process.
  • We have highly trained and experienced professionals working to get you the best data entry solution for your business. They work tirelessly to provide you error-free data entry.
  • We also employ cutting-edge technology to get you the best of all. We use ICR and OCR, getting you quick, accurate, and standard outsource data entry services.
  • Along with top-notch quality and reliable tech support, we also get you fast turnaround time. Our experts work on your data entry requirements to make sure you get your information ready on time.

DataSlexIndia’s 5 Steps for successful Data Entry Services

When you opt for outsourcing data entry services, you will receive solutions to all your data management worries- from information collection to processing and projects. We follow a 5 step procedure for completing the Data Entry process:

    1. Scanning & Uploading the documents that need to be processed
    2. Downloading the files to get better access to them
    3. All documents are keyed-in, based on the prearranged approach, and tested for errors
    4. Data is sorted, moved, and indexed according to the predetermined folder structure
    5. After completion, the files undergo a quality check to ensure accuracy standards.

Advantages of getting DataSlexIndia’s Data Entry support

Ranging wide from on-time delivery to affordability, here are few advantages of our outsource data entry services:

  • Adaptive: A befitting data management solution always keeps you ready to fulfill the backend needs of your business. We are always ready to deliver for all your large or small products.
  • Adept Teams: Expand your business by outsourcing data entry from skilled and experienced experts. No matter what your business size is, our teams will get you the ideal data entry solutions.
  • Cost-effective Pricing: Out of so many expensive service providers, DataSlexIndia delivers its services at a competitive price. With us, you will be able to make higher savings from your operation costs.
  • Latest Tech-solutions: By signing up for our services, you can assure that your company gets management solutions with advanced technology. Task execution and processing made it easier with our service.
  • 24*7 Support: Our experts work around the clock to deliver you the best solutions and guidance. We ensure that we follow the decided turnaround time and schedule our services accordingly.
  • Large Volume Data Processing: We have a specially trained staff that is experienced in handling a large amount of data at once. Our support will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Get your business the best outsourcing data entry solutions by partnering with DataSlexIndia. At competitive prices, we can ensure you’re the high-quality standard work from professionals. To know more or to get our services, give us a call now!


We provide you latest befitting data management solutions at the most competitive price together with round the clock support. We have specially trained staffs who are experienced in handling a large amount of data at a time.

If you want to outsource your data entry requirements to us, you just have to fill in the contact form available on our website with the details of your project. Our customer support team will get back to you with all the information within a day.

Yes, we do. At Dataslexindia, we provide you a free trial run for outsourcing services to give you an idea of the quality of service offered by our experts.

We normally create an FTP site for you and you will be given its login-id and password along with a path for uploading your files. With the help of these details, you can easily upload your files on our FTP server.

We accept data from customers in the form of both hard and soft copies. Some of the preferred input methods are e-mails, hard copy, fax, electronic copy, courier, weblinks and secure FTP server.

We follow a 5 step data entry process that includes:

  1. Scanning and uploading the documents
  2. Downloading the files
  • All documents are keyed-in and tested
  1. Data is sorted, relocated and indexed
  2. After completing, the files go through a quality check process

Yes, we do. Dataslexindia is equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced infrastructure. The maintenance of the equipment and infrastructure is done on a regular basis to be able to provide you the best services.

At Dataslexindia, we are known for fast TAT along with our reliable tech support. Our experts work hard on your data entry requirements to ensure that your information is ready on time.

DataSlexIndia being India’s one of the best data entry service providers is known for our high-security encryptions and systems. You also make sure that all your data stays safe throughout the data entry process.

Once the work is completed, we submit the files as an attachment through emails. Our experts believe in highly secured data transfer systems while sharing the final work files of your data entry project.