Industries We Served

DataSlex is a single solution to all your data problems. We provide a number of services like Data Entry, Web Design, Photo Editing, e-Commerce Product management, E-publishing, Digital marketing and APP development. We are the leading company of the IT SECTOR and have served a number of industries.

Our only motto is to provide best services at the cost-efficient prices. The number of industries we have served include –

  • Real estate industry – Creation of client’s database, legal documents, response to email inquiries, commercial and residential evaluation, detail consolidation are the factors that we help in for real estate industries.
  • Insurance industry – Generating new policies, first party second party and third-party applications, regular updating of forms, agents details are required documents in the insurance industry.
  • Healthcare industry – We offer data entry services in Health sector that include creating and maintaining the accurate records of patients. This is done with utmost care as a single mistake of even data entry in hospitals and other healthcare sectors can cause huge problem.
  • Finance and banking sector–Number of newly opened accounts, checks, pay slips, other financial documents are maintained and their data entry is done by us.
  • Transportation and logistics industry–order status, payment status, airway bills, freight bills, and order details are some of the data entry services used by transportation and logistics industry.
  • Sports and gamed industry – player’s record, equipment’s purchased and their billing, tournaments details are all managed and handled by our data management services.
  • Online stores and retail business –product billing, customer support, pricing, bulk product upload are some of the issues at shops and retail industry that are resolved using data entry services by DATA SLEX INDIA.
  • Legal industry – As a leading data entry provider we also provide legal data entry services to companies to make legal services easy for them.
  • Manufacturing industry – We have professionals who help manufacturing companies to collect, organize and digitize their valuable data in the right manner. By outsourcing data entry and management job to us, you won’t only get error-free data but also improve your production.
  • IT and telecom industry – We are expert in IT and telecom filling and document management services. We have a team of experts who help companies to maintain their records efficiently. Our team collect to manage and store important data to avoid losing it.
  • Learning and Education industry – Outsource data entry services with us and sit back relax. We will handle, manage, and store your large volume of data effectively.
  • Media and entertainment sector – We are offering data entry services to media and entertainment companies for years. We have talented team members who manage and collect data for media and entertainment clients to know how their content is being watched and what they can improve.
  • FMCG – We have team of experts who manage distributor, retail, FMCG sales, and FMCG operations for clients.
  • Human resources development sector – managing employee information, applications, resumes, attendance, appraisal policy, payroll details, tax-related information or employee handbooks we manage all for your clients.
  • Big law firms – Our experienced data entry operators and professional law graduates help companies to collect valuable data in the right format while saving your time so you can focus on growth area.

These enterprises encounter several challenges during their working related data like data entry, document conversion etc. and for their smooth working they need professional IT experts, trained to handle any problem related to data entry and DataSlexIndia is the most recommended name that can easily handle this for you.

Our data processes are designed in the way to reduce the developmental cost significantly. DatalSlex India is meant to make your tasks easier. We have worked with many big companies like BOSS, RAY – BAN, FENDI, MICHAEL KORDS, LACOSTE, PRADA EYEWEAR, DVF, ORLA KIELY and many more. With the trust of our customers, we have now grown up so much and have served the nation and our overseas clients since 15 years of excellence. We do not only focus on providing cost-efficient data entry solutions but we also deliver an array of quality services with 100% accuracy. Our services include –

  • Updating existing databases
  • Collecting and maintaining data
  • Creating reports and analyses
  • Evaluating and clearing existing data bases.

Why choose us?

“We are the data management specialists”

DataSlexIndia is a name that you can trust when it comes to data entry and other IT services. Our services are fully confidential and are processed in a very secretly manner. We deliver data entry services that provide 100% satisfaction to the customers and are delivered timely every time. We have expertise in all kind of work whether small or large data entry projects.

With our fast turnaround time and high-quality work, we can do that smoothly. We have gained a number of customers that totally rely on us for their data entry services. Our experts are professional data entry service provides with a huge amount of experience.

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