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Ecommerce Catalog Management Services

E-commerce these days has taken the world by storm. The act of buying and selling goods and services over an electronic network, primarily the internet is on a steady rise. It is currently the most important aspect of the internet that is yet to blossom fully. DataSlexIndia provides E-Commerce Management services to help clients take advantage of the E-commerce boom and increase their sales.

Do you really need an E-Commerce website?

When most buyers are more comfortable in buying products they can physically touch, why do sellers need an E-Commerce website? If you sell something on a store and are confused about you needing an e-commerce store, the following points might help you to make a decision.

Reach New Markets

While a store must be confined in a single place, its approach can be limited. With an e-commerce website, all the geographical boundaries are erased, leaving no stone unturned to increase the sales from your store. You can reach nearby markets and even international markets for your items.

Elimination of costs

When selling through a store, unnecessary costs are involved. Costs like that of middlemen involved, electricity, furnishing, transportation, etc. eat up a lot from your profits. An e-commerce website enables you to eliminate any intermediate costs and saves the budget that allows you to offer freebies and special deals to your customers.

24×7 Business

Unlike a physical store which shuts down at some point of the day, an online store can enable sellers to encourage purchases even when they are asleep. Your store keeps running, and people can make purchases, go through your catalog and so much more even when you are sleeping. How amazing is that?

Increase Brand Awareness

Statistics show that 81 percentiles of online shoppers conducted online research for a brand before making a purchase. In today’s IT world, the absence of a social media handle or a website can be considered a mistake. Having an E-commerce store allows you to dictate your brand image and also increase the awareness at the same time.

How we make good E-Commerce Sites?

You might have come across a lot of E-commerce sites during your time surfing the Internet. There are a few rules which when followed yield amazing websites. Here is the secret sauce DataSlexIndia uses to make E-Commerce sites more attractive.

  • A great logo that embodies the brand identity
  • A minimalistic store that is easy to navigate
  • Unlimited product categories for your product catalog
  • Easy Interface to Add, Modify, Update and Delete Products
  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Quick Search
  • Integration Easy Payment Options
  • Ability to create Discounts
  • Integration Coupon Codes
  • Bill Management that factors in taxes
  • Editable SEO tags to improve site ranking
  • Image, Video and Document support for product listing

Along with all these features, we make sure that our E-Commerce Management Development Services are the best in the market by creating a systemized website. It makes it easier for any user coming to your E-commerce site to make a purchase as well as makes it easier for you to take care of the entire logistics.

There is nothing more annoying than a site that takes a long time to load. Research shows that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 70% of the users move on to another site. We make sure that your web pages don’t take longer than that!

Why DataSlexIndia?

Establishing the fact that, e-commerce websites are really profitable, it is also essential to find a reliable company that would make an eye-catchy, buyer and seller-friendly website for your business.

DataSlexIndia is the company that you are looking for. We provide:

  • E-Commerce Website Design Services
  • Custom E-Commerce Website Design
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • eBay Store Design
  • Shopify Store creation
  • Open Source E-commerce Store

And all kinds of E-commerce solutions under one roof. We aren’t only user-friendly and reliable but also won’t leave a hole in your pocket. What are you waiting for? Get your very own E-Commerce store now!


Since a physical store is confined in a single place, it has a limited approach. But with an e-commerce website, your store will have no geographical boundaries. You can reach out with your items even in the international markets.

DataSlexIndia is a reliable company where we provide you exclusive services like Custom E-Commerce Website Design, Open Source e-commerce Store, WooCommerce Integration and many other E-commerce solutions all under one roof.

The e-commerce websites we design offer a unique logo that symbolizes your brand identity, a store that is easy to navigate, unlimited categories for your product catalog, an easy interface that allows you to edit and delete products, inventory tracking and Shopping Cart Management.

No, absolutely not. We know every business is unique and deserves an exclusive design concept. The design department at DataSlexIndia works with you closely to understand your requirement and accordingly designs your e-commerce website.

At DataSlexIndia we are known for building a fully customized website as per your requirement. Every feature, functionality and design can be developed as per your suggestions by our team of experts.

The cost of SEO services basically depends on the number of keywords you are looking for to include in your website and how competitive the keywords are. Our team can research the keywords that are most profitable and offer you the best SEO charges.

We at DataSlexIndia, apply all the required security measures in the development phase of your website. For receiving constant security updates and keeping your website safe from any kind of vulnerability you can also opt for our regular maintenance package.

You need not worry regarding any such problem. Even after your website has gone live, all issues will be taken care of by our development team. We offer 1-month free support after handing over your website.

Yes, definitely. We offer both training and guidance to explain all the details about website management, how to effectively use your website and update the content or pictures at your end.

There are several ways to do this. For this, you need to ensure that your website link is present on every advertisement your company is investing in. Also register with the search engines to help pull in more traffic to your site.