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Web Development and Designing Services in India

You can create a reliable and steady image of your brand through a befitting website developed by customized web development solutions. Having custom websites will give you the liberty to work with multiple interfaces and applicable themes. They also make customer interaction easier and improve the overall client experience. You can also keep all your data well-organized and add zestful content through world-class web development services.

Provider of high-end web designing services in India- DataSlexIndia renders its web development skills to its clients without compromising on the service quality. Our team will create and check to ensure that your website stays safe from hostile hackers. We strictly adhere to the best coding practices and guidelines that are globally recognized. This makes the creation of stable and consistent websites easier for us. We also perform performance and load testing, before we deliver the final website page.

Our range of services…

To take your sales soaring up in the sky and building a powerful brand presence, all you need is a well-coordinated website. And for this, you must hire our web development services. DataSlexIndia is a leading provider of web designing services in India. Check out our long list of website development services:

Responsive Website Design

One latest trend in the web development services market is responsive websites. By getting your business this you can ensure prolonged customer retention through the website. We have loads of customizable layout and templates that can fit and adjust based on the device of usage.

Static Website Design

A static website is an ideal choice for all small businesses, who would love to display their services and products. You can’t change the content on a static website often; however, it does allow you to describe your services and products. Its main aim is to turn potential readers into clients.

Dynamic Website Design

A dynamic website helps you in making your website look different every time the user enters the website. We also provide services for the creation of flash websites. We use recognized CMS sources and other tools in creating a website that makes user reach easier.

WordPress Development

One of the leading CMS online- WordPress, and one of the leading web designing services in India- DataSlexIndia. WordPress is preferred by many; crediting to its ease of use and customization offers. We render distinctive, safe, and efficient WordPress development through our services.

PHP Development

We are the providers of PHP development services that fit your budget perfectly. We put to use various supplementary technologies like Bootstrap, HTML5, MySQL, Ajax, jQuery, and many more. Through these, we create a website that will serve all your requirements.

CMS Development

Having less or no technical knowledge will not be a problem if you get our customized CMS development services. DataSlexIndia is experienced in providing website development for all your business needs.

E-Commerce Websites

With the flourishing eCommerce market, numerous businesses wish to take their brand online and generate sales. We can help you with that; we are only the best web designing services in India. Our web development service will take your business on the internet and create an online market for your products easily. Our teams will design a custom portal for effective inventory management, order placement, products uploading, and performing online payments through secure gateways.

How do we do it?

At DataSlexIndia, we have several experienced developers and designers that work towards making our web development services affordable and befitting for our clients. We achieve this by following a 7-step structured plan:

Step #1: Knowing about your requirements

Step #2: Performing analysis and research

Step #3: Preparing a plan for web development

Step #4: Creating a basic design to work on

Step #5: Developing the webpage for the client

Step #6: Checking the functioning of the page and deploying it

Step #7: Maintaining the page after its deployment.

Why choose us for Web Designing Services?

With our committed team of web development professionals, the creation of customized websites is our specialty. We have lots of experience of working in this industry and hence we can perform even under strict deadlines and with large projects. Our main aim is to get all our clients cutting-edge and proficient web development services that suit their budgets.

  • Advanced Framework: DataSlexIndia is a personalized web development service provider. We have a robust infrastructure reinforced with advanced technology. It helps us achieve large projects by facilitating communication, flawless integration, and secure development; these are our strengths.
  • Store of Knowledge: We provide our web designing services in India to our clients based on various technological trends. Our programmer and developer teams are highly qualified and trained to execute intricate coding procedures effectively. They are very knowledgeable and can perform their tasks suitably.
  • Reliable Provider: Over the years, we have served clients from various industries and have become experts at what we do. Our web development services are one of our strong points; we use the latest techniques and tools in the development process. We provide comprehensive services to you after your sign up for our services.

We do not only provide these services to large organizations but also individuals. We pay close attention to all minor details during the development process. Our team will work hard and give their skills the shape of customized websites. You will have an impactful and professional-looking website designed by our experts in no time. To get the best solutions for your website, give us a call!


Some of the different web development services we offer at DataSlexIndia are Responsive Website Design, Static Website Design, Dynamic Website Design, WordPress Development, PHP Development, CMS Development and E-Commerce Websites.

Our web development services follow a 7-step structured plan that includes knowing the requirements, analyzing and researching, planning, creating a basic design, developing the webpage, checking the functioning of the page, deploying it and lastly maintaining the webpage after its deployment.

At DataSlexIndia, we have a committed team of web development professionals. Creating customized websites is our specialty. Having a good number of experiences working in this industry we can comfortably work with large projects and perform even under strict deadlines.

Yes we assign you your dedicated developers, who will work for 180 hours in one month on your project. You can use our existing IT infrastructure and dedicated leased lines to ensure uninterrupted work.

Responsive web development is a way to improve the readability of the web pages in different devices like your desktops, tablet screens, mobile phone screens, etc.

To get a better idea of the cost involved we need to discuss what sort of interactivity the site will require, the graphic design needs, etc. So, give us a call and we can discuss it.

The choice of a domain name entirely depends on how you plan to use it. Usually, it is better to go for one that is easy to pronounce and spell and something that you can remember and not get confused.

The time required in building a site basically depends on its complexity. In most cases, it takes time due to the delay in receiving the text or images from the client’s end.

This entirely depends on the quantity of information you want to display on your website. If you have a lot of products and services, then it will be beneficial to have a database built in your design.

Yes, we do. We have a good experience in redesigning existing sites. As per your requirement, we either retain your organization’s style or give it a completely new look.