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DataSlexIndia is diligent and a reliable Digital Marketing Services provider that provides every digital marketing service available with no penny you spend, being unworthy of the value. As digitization is spanning its reach in the business world, you have got the chance to virtually interact with your audience. You will be able to engage your audience with your exclusive products, brands, and services. Well, if you are thinking digitization is all about developing an online presence of your business. Then, not completely, but partially you are wrong. Creating an online presence is the first step, the next one is digital marketing. As technology and innovative ideas are changing people’s thoughts and opinions about their buying decisions, you need to get updated with the latest digital marketing solutions.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

At DataSlexIndia, we help you create a robust online presence of your business. Our digital marketing experts will ensure you make the right marketing investments and conveniently embrace the digital change in your business. No matter what industry you belong to, our digital marketing services are streamlined as per your custom needs and audience type, so let’s begin with the basics of our digital marketing.

Our services are extended to a wide range of solutions. With the right SEO techniques, we carry out website optimization and create strong and convincing brand awareness programs. Take a look at some of our digital marketing solutions.

  • SEO: Search engine optimization is the core of digital marketing solutions. Our practices are driven towards increasing the ranks of your website. We divert digital searches towards your website so that your brand awareness can be increased.
  • SMM: Social media marketing is one of the lucrative opportunities for your business, as the world is getting inclined towards social media apps. With our extensive SMM practices, you have the chance to get better results and enhance the reach of your audience.
  • Advertising Campaigns: Our knowledgeable digital marketers create relevant campaigns for your products and services. It will help you drive your audience towards conversion in customers.
  • Content Marketing Management: We execute best content creation practices, that seamlessly divert your audience’s attention to your products. Our content management includes unique content writing to expressively convey the message.
  • Lead Generation Campaigns: Our digital marketers are aware of variation in B2B and B2B marketing campaigns. Depending on the type of your business, our marketers create custom lead generation campaigns that further enhance your sales campaign.
  • Brand Awareness & Management: Our digital marketing solutions incorporate apt techniques for enhancing your brand awareness and further manage to create a good reputation.
  • PPC Campaigns: Pay per click campaigns are highly supported these days, we create PPC campaigns that will assert more profit for you.
  • Optimizing Conversions: Our digital marketing services help you attain potential traffic for your website and manage it to enhance the conversion rate.

Industries we serve Digital Marketing Solutions…

At DataSlexIndia, we serve almost all the industries, who are willing to create their online presence and tap the global market. We bring unique digital marketing solutions with innovative ideas and the latest technologies.

We make sure that you receive the best services through us. Our digital marketing solutions are majorly directed towards:

  1. Travel & Tourism Industry: We strive to make your business prominent in different parts of the world and get the best online coverage as well.
  2. Hospitality Industry: Be it a restaurant or a hotel, our digital marketing solutions are rightly dedicated to your business.
  3. Real Estate Industry: We apply custom digital marketing solutions for your real estate business and take the right steps to enhance your brand awareness.
  4. Medical & Healthcare: We cater to your marketing needs in the best professional manner. Be it website management or links sharing, we do it accurately.
  5. Online Training & Education: Competition in the online teaching and education industry has certainly increased. If you want to stay ahead in the race, get our digital marketing services.
  6. Consumer Market: Our services for consumer goods businesses are highly extensive, as we rightly assess the marketing needs and accordingly fulfill them for your use.

Why choose us for Digital Marketing Services?

  • Experience & Skills: DataSlexIndia has specialized experts, who have comprehensive knowledge of all the domains of digital marketing. From identifying your target audience to creating attractive as well as engaging campaigns for your audience, we focus on the detailed aspects of conversion-driven marketing practices.
  • Customized Planning: At DataSlexIndia, we incorporate a suitable digital marketing plan in your business, so that you can attend the best of services. Our digital marketing practices serve to bring new leads and further retrieve your older clients as well and keep them reengaged.
  • A Solution for All: Regardless of the business size, our experience and expertise will get you the right digital marketing solutions that are beneficial for your company. Its pervasive nature and profitability guarantee success at a very affordable price. Not just for established business houses, but start-ups & SME’s as well, it’s a great solution to reach out to their customers.

Get yourself the highest quality services!

DataSlexIndia is a renowned provider of digital marketing support. We can help you integrate digital marketing practices into your business operations with ease. To get the best digital marketing services, For further queries, you can email us at or Contact us.


Digital Marketing aids you in building your online business, create awareness and generate sales and profits from different channels and platforms.

Our services include a wide range of solutions like SEO, SMM, Advertising Campaigns, Content Marketing Management, Lead Generation Campaigns, Brand Awareness & Management, PPC Campaigns and Optimizing Conversions.

At DataSlexIndia, we help you create a strong online presence of your business. Our digital marketing experts are there to guide you to make the right marketing investments and thereby implement the digital change in your business.

Our digital marketing solutions are majorly directed towards various industries like Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Real Estate, Medical & Healthcare, Online Training & Education and Consumer Market.

No, not at all. All our contracts and services agreements are on a monthly basis. We also don’t charge you any fees for canceling our service.

At DataSlexIndia, all our products and services come with personalized support from our professional team. We are proud of being able to provide you the best possible customer service support available for 24×7.

As per the thumb rule, in general, it is recommended that you spend around 10 to 20% of the overall revenue on your company’s marketing expenditures.

Yes, we do. Every little work that is been done on the website is shared with our clients in the form of a report at the end of each month. This report also includes ranking improvement, goal conversions and traffic improvements.

We recommend our clients to update their website when they are publishing new content. Also, update your site when there are any changes in the addresses, phone numbers, etc.

During the initial 2 months of the SEO work, as our client, we require your approval on the various website changes that we make.