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E-publishing or electronic publishing refers to the digital publication of books, magazines, and catalogs. You don’t have to run to a store and buy a book when you can read it on your digital device right from the comfort of your room. DataSlexIndia provides E-Publishing services for all types of e-books, e-deliverables, book journal publishing, etc.

Benefits of E-Publishing

Though books add a more personal touch, the merits of electronic publishing are far more significant. Here are some of those: –


Not only for the sellers, but electronic books are also much cheaper for the buyers as well. Sellers do not have to worry about publication costs, distribution charges, etc. The buyers don’t have to go to a store to buy a book and spend money on it, even if the book is just a one-time read.

Live links

Being able to provide clickable links to a website is one of the primary advantages of having an e-book. Electronic books can have live links for the readers, to help them get a reference, or understand the meaning of a word, or to go to a website for follow-up action, and so much more.

Removing Geographical Borders

Because of the limitations such as connecting with a publication and language, among other things, some books are confined to a particular area. Those books are inaccessible and unavailable to people on the other side of the world. E-books have no such demerit and can easily be accessed all over the world and shared via the Internet.

Environmental conservation

No matter you much you deny it, a physical book is a dead tree. A book gets printed on paper which is made by cutting up forests, and thus being harmful to the environment. Online publishing ensures no wastage of trees and forests. On top of that, an e-book is free of damage due to wear and tear. One can get a copy of an e-book as it is without any extra charges.

Faster Process

The time consumed in printing, publication, and distribution processes are eliminated when it comes to digital books and/or documents. With just a click, your work is available to the millions of people all across the globe. No need to wait for the book to be printed and no need to contact the publisher houses and take care of distribution channels. You can upload the book on any website, and you are good to go!

Finding a good E-Publisher

There are tons and tons of more benefits of having an e-book as compared to a physical book. If this entices you to get your e-book created, have a look at the things that you should keep in mind.


It is essential to know who owns the book, once the book gets digitally published. Some companies establish their ownership on the published work, while some retain the author’s rights. It is significant to know what plan do you wish to continue with. Be sure not to be scammed and know your ownership rights.

Flexibility to changes

Some publications might want some editing, omissions to be done, to change a few things. It is necessary for the author to be acceptable to the fact that some changes are being made to his/her first-hand work. It is a must to have discussed these things beforehand.

Why DataSlexIndia?

We always encourage new ideas from budding writers and help to make a creative space for authors. DataSlexIndia provides comprehensive E-Publishing services such as: –

Our Services in E-Publishing:

  • E-book creation & conversion
  • E-Pub Conversion Services
  • E-Pub3 Conversion Services
  • Fixed Layout E-books
  • XML Conversion
  • XMRL Conversion Services
  • PubMed XML Transformation
  • Mob pocket (kindle) Conversion
  • Image to Text Conversion
  • HTML5 & ePUB3 eBooks
  • Book-as-an-App
  • Audio Books
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • DTBook Conversion Services
  • Digitization and Data
  • Interactive & Enhanced E-books
  • KF8 Conversion Services

E-publishing can be tricky as there are numerous facts that play a crucial part in the publication of e-book and that also affect the hit or miss of an e-publication. DataSlex India has prior experience, right technique, and strategy to publish an e-book platform to ensure its maximum impact on customers. We are one of the most trustworthy publisher as well as leading services providers.

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The benefits of e-publishing are huge some of which are it provides clickable live links, can reach any part of the world, checks on cutting down of trees, faster process, easy to make changes and cost-effective.

At DataSlexIndia we have prior experience and know the right technique, and strategy to publish an e-book that can ensure its maximum impact on customers. We inspire new ideas from promising writers and help create a space for the rising authors.

We offer comprehensive e-publishing services like e-book development, e-book creation & conversion, e-Pub Conversion Services, e-Pub3 Conversion Services, fixed-layout e-books, XML Conversion, Audio Books, Interactive & Enhanced e-books, Flash ebooks and a lot more.

We always believe in getting the transformation work done by the human coders. As it has been observed that, automated tools converting books or documents into ePublications mostly result in an unformatted output in some devices.

Yes, our team comprises of professionals like SMEs, Developers, Coders, Document Specialists, Project Managers, Multimedia Programmers, Copy Editors and Proof-readers. They handle your project as per their related area of specialization.

We treat all our client’s documents with the highest degree of confidentiality. For further assurance, you are requested to sign a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement with us.

Every project is unique, so the timeframe required in executing each one depends on the nature of the project, level of complexity involved, clarity in specifications and definitely the word count.

We accept documents or books almost in any electronic file format that includes MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, TIFF files, PaintShop Pro, RTF File, etc.

Please note that you need to use the client FTP software to access our FTP server. So, mail us at info@suntecindia.com to generate your personalized login-id and password to access our FTP server.

You can connect with us through email or telephone. Once you let us know your contact number at info@dataslexindia.com we would be happy to call and discuss with you in detail on how to go about.